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Executive Director

Sashauni Aaeliyae has worked in the Social Work field for the entirety of her professional career, and has enjoyed working to meet the needs of her clients by providing individual and group mental health support and counseling services to individuals and families. Sashauni always knew from a very young age that she wanted to do something to help others, and was inspired to work in the social work field in high school, to be for others what she would have loved someone to have been for her.

With the increasing number of women in need of emergency housing and supportive services during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sashauni founded The Pretty Girl Foundation in October 2020. The Pretty Girl Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves survivors of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence. Through this agency,  Sashauni provides mental health supportive and emergency assistance services to children, families, and adults who have been affected by domestic abuse and homelessness.

In November 2020, the foundation launched The Pretty Project, the agency's first initiative and community outreach program, which partners with area businesses, community and social welfare service agencies, and ministries to provide homeless survivors of domestic abuse with personal care and hygiene packages called Pretty Kits.


Sashauni uses both her personal and professional experiences to help clients attain a better standard of living by guiding them through the sometimes difficult journey of healing. The mission of the Pretty Girl Foundation is one that is near and dear to her heart, and she founded this foundation with the vision and drive to affect lasting change, and to develop the organization with experience and integrity.

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